Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bernie Sanders Releases First Campaign Ad

It's been fun watching Bernie's presidential campaign ever since he was a rank outsider until now where he is very much a factor. It's great to watch how he is gaining momentum even though Hillary seemed to get a boost from the first debate, the Benghazi hearing, and that withdrawal of Joe Biden from the presidential race.

I say 'seemed' because you can't believe a damn thing the mainstream media says. That said, it was annoying to see things go Hillary's way especially with the republicans making a mess of the Benghazi hearing. But if you open your eyes and read between the lines you will find that Bernie is still very much gaining momentum.

He is doing very well on the Internet which can't be sabotaged by the corporate owned media which is funding Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. At least not completely. I do a lot of posting and reading around the Internet and the feeling I get is that Americans are becoming more and more informed of the true situation as opposed to being brainwashed by the mainstream media. 

Bernie is still some way behind Hillary in the polls and there is still a long way to go to inform people, but there is time left too. The Democratic primaries begin in February and carry on all the way through until at least mid-June. 

There is, of course, no guarantee that Bernie will win the democratic nomination. Many people still give him no chance whatsoever, the same way they did when he was still a rank outsider. But if you look at the trend of the polls then Bernie will overtake Hillary in the near future and be the nominee. 

In the poll, conducted among Democratic primary voters Sept. 20-24, Clinton led Sanders 42 percent to 35 percent. While the new poll isn't necessarily an indicator of who will win the contest, the 7-point difference shows a big change from just two months ago. In July, Clinton led Sanders by 34 percentage points, with 59 percent to his 25 percent.

As you can see the gap is closing fast. The new Bernie ad I posted above will help close that gap some more. From a Time article:

“This ad marks the next phase of this campaign. We’re bringing that message directly to the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said in a statement.

The ad cost $2 million just to be aired in Iowa and New Hampshire and talks about his history as well as his political views. It's great to see him spending some of that money donated by real people who want real change and it will surely help him to gain more momentum in the democratic race.

The next democratic debate is on Friday. Can't wait!