Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Rigged Corporate Media Lies About Democratic Debate Results

The first Democratic debate took place on the 13th of October and it was something I looked forward to with some anticipation since I started following Sanders in the US presidential race. I was particularly looking forward to seeing some debates between Bernie and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat pretty much everyone expected to be the Democratic nominee for the presidential race.

Until The Bern came along that is. I had gotten myself educated about Clinton before the debate and knew about her ties to corporate America. There is nothing special about her the way I see it. Just a status quo politician who takes money from lobbyists and whose claim to fame is that she is a woman and running for president.

The woman can't be trusted

And I don't mean to sound like a misogynist when I say that. I am all for women's rights but if the only reason women are going to vote for her is so she will become the first female president of the US then they will make a huge mistake in my opinion.

But to get back to the debate, online polls unanimously showed that Bernie won the debate. In some polls, Clinton didn't even come second. And here is the shocking part: all the big media outlets reported afterward that Clinton won the debate. I soon learned that one of them, CNN, was owned by Time Warner who is one of Clinton's biggest campaign donors(remember she takes money from super PACs and lobbyists).

CNN was adamant that Clinton won the debate even though their online poll on Facebook showed that their viewers overwhelmingly thought Sanders won the debate. As did every other online poll. Something was off. How could all the online polls say Sanders won the debate overwhelmingly and all the big media outlets say that Clinton won?

Well, that is just the rigged corporate media of the oligarchy in America. The oligarchy controls the media and brainwashes people on an unheard of scale. I don't trust a single thing I read on MSM(Main Stream Media) these days because I know 99% of it is intended to misinform and push the interests of the big corporations who pay or own them.

It's a tragic state of affairs. Fortunately, these days there is an Internet and it is harder for the MSM to sell their evil lies. Television used to be the main media through which MSM brainwashed people and that is easier to do than through the Internet. But with the dawn of the information age people have access to more and more information and it's no surprise to hear talks of monitoring the Internet in the US.

Make no mistake about it, media lies and brainwashing is happening on a massive scale in the US. I always knew about it and heard about it, but this is the most direct experience I've had with it in following the presidential race and it's really disturbing. It is just sickening to which lengths the oligarchy go in order to satisfy their monstrous greed. They are so adept at it that they can influence an entire nation to do their bidding.

How else does it happen that one-tenth of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%? And unfortunately, this is the case the world over. It is due to capitalist greed and the only one who can stop it in America and set and example to the world is Bernie Sanders who is waging a war against the oligarchy. It is 100% certain that Hillary Clinton will not bring down Wall Street and corporate America. She works for them after all.

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