Thursday, October 29, 2015

What is a Democratic Socialist?

Bernie Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist. And if there is one word Americans are terrified of it is socialism. The funny thing is, a democratic socialist and a socialist are two entirely different things. Because Americans have been indoctrinated to fear the word socialism that is all they hear when they hear about a democratic socialist.

But far more telling is the democratic part of democratic socialist. Democratic socialism could also be called a mixed economy, where capitalism and socialism are mixed together. The best of both worlds if you will. Something that many Americans don't realize is that some of their favorite public programs are socialist institutions.

Programs like the military, infrastructure, public libraries, police, fire department, medicare, social security, and many more are socialist institutions. In a mixed economy well-regulated capitalism or private enterprise is combined with these socialist programs. Taxes tend to be high, but it benefits the whole. Currently what you have in the US is an oligarchy which is an extreme form of capitalism where there is very little regulation.

It is capitalism gone mad where the top 0.1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% combined, where the 0.1% buy politicians and elections, and where the 0.1% stash their cash tax-free in the Cayman Islands at the great cost of the American economy and middle class who has all but disappeared. And let me not forget to add to that the fact that the middle class' tax is used to bail out Wall Street whenever they fail.

Look, I'm all for capitalism and free markets when it is regulated, but the current situation in the US is a disgrace. I believe being rich and prosperous is good when you use it to help others, but that is not what the rich elite of the US is doing. In their greed, they are exploiting the have-nots and the playing field is extremely uneven. They not only control the economy, but they also want to control the government now with their super PACs.

This is why it so important that Hillary is not the nominee because she is one of the elite. She takes money from super PACs and owes political favors all over the place. These are indisputable facts. How will she help the exploited when she has the interests of the exploiters at heart? The only person who can do that is Bernie Sanders takes no money whatsoever from super PAC's and lobbyists.

He doesn't only talk the talk like Clinton, but he actually walks the walk. Hillary Clinton's political career is littered with controversy and flip-flopping on her policies. Sanders is the exact opposite of that. He has been extremely consistent and free of controversy.

To get back to economic systems, you need a certain amount of capitalism and free markets to encourage innovation and technological progress, but what is currently going on in the US is absurd. See the videos below for clarification and support Sanders if you want to see that change. I am all for wealth and prosperity, but too much of anything is bad.

There is more to life than money. Greed doesn't make people happy. If anything it makes them miserable because for happiness there must be balance between many things of which financial wealth is only one. The only presidential candidate who can fix the enormous inequality in the current US is Bernie Sanders.

There is no way in hell that Hillary Clinton or any other candidate will do that.

Do watch this video:

Bernie Sanders: In-Depth Explanation of Income Inequality:

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  1. That wealth inequality video is an eye opener. Huge difference between the true distribution and "what they thought" distribution. And these are college students, you would think that they are informed.